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2019 Guinea Pig, Rabbit and Small Pet Christmas Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Small Pets

Christmas and the busy holiday season will be here before you know it. Why not surprise your guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs and other small pets with something extra special this holiday season? We have put together a list of some of our favorite, unique holiday gift ideas for the small pets and small-pet-lovers on your list. Time to get shopping!

Gifts for Small Pets …

Wheeky® Treat Ball: This is such a fun enrichment toy for pets of all sizes. It keeps them active and engaged, and is a great way to encourage foraging. Our guinea pigs have always enjoyed chasing this treat ball around. Now that our Cocoa is more than 7 years old, it provides an engaging activity for her in her senior years. We usually put Wheeky® Pea Flakes inside, which she loves. Available from Wheeky® Pets, our family-owned online shop based in Michigan, USA:

Wheeky Treat Ball
Wheeky Treat Ball with rabbit


HayPigs!® Guinea Pig Circus theme products: HayPigs!® is another family-owned business with truly unique products for guinea pigs and their owners. The quality and design of HayPigs products are top notch, and your guinea pigs will turn cartwheels when they see a cute circus-themed hay wagon, hidey hut, crash mat or cannonball under the tree on Christmas morning. Based in UK, HayPigs!® is the brainchild of creative geniuses (and guinea pig lovers) Rik and Helen Cridland. HayPigs!® does ship worldwide, but many of their products are also now available in the U.S. through Amazon. Check out their UK store here: Or find them on Amazon USA here:

HayPigs Circus Bundle

Wheeky Pea® Flakes: These Made-in-USA treats have literally been flying off the shelves. Wheeky® Pea Flakes are 100 percent all-natural with just one ingredient – dried, green field peas. Peas are high in plant protein, so they make a great snack for guinea pigs, rabbits and small pets. Just be sure not to overfeed them (we recommend 1-2 tsp. per day for adult guinea pigs). We sprinkle pea flakes over hay, inside hidey huts, and other places to encourage foraging. We also use pea flakes in our Wheeky® Treat Ball. Most rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hedgehogs love them! And if you have a sickly or elderly piggy, pea flakes can also be used to help them gain weight. Just be sure to check with your exotic vet prior to giving them to a sickly pet. Shop here:

 Wheeky Pea Flakes

Piggy Bedspreads Cozy Cocoon: We love all the handmade small animal fleece products developed by this family-owned business, especially their PiggyBedspreads fleece cage liners! They put a lot of love and care into everything they do, and the quality shows. Piggy Bedspreads is owned and operated by Martha and Tim Whiting, in Upstate New York, USA. All of their fleece products are Made in USA. Their Cozy Cocoon is just the thing to keep your guinea pig, or small pet, warm this winter. Check it out here: They also have two new absorbent piggy potty pads that will help to keep your pets’ cage clean and dry.

 Piggy BedSpreads Cozy Cocoon

STAYbowl® Tip-Proof Bowl: Our popular STAYbowl® Tip-Proof Bowls now come in four colors and two sizes. They are ergonomically designed with a low profile to allow guinea pigs and small pets easy access to their food. This prevents spills and saves on clean up and waste. With no more wasted kibble, these little bowls literally pay for themselves. In addition, they also help solve the common problem of overfeeding. Many people don’t realize that guinea pigs only need 1/8 cup (2 Tbl) of kibble per day per adult guinea pig (in addition to unlimited hay and water, plus some fresh veg every day). Not only will the STAYbowl® save you time and money, it also promotes small pet health and wellness. Shop here:                                                                                                                                                     

Guinea Pig Wheekly UK Cozy Cups: Guinea Pig Wheeky UK has so many cute and creative guinea pig products, it’s hard to pick just one to recommend. Katie Leonard is the very talented artist behind this growing guinea pig brand. She is based in the UK, but ships worldwide. She now has her own line of fabric, which she has turned into super-cute cozy cups. See them here: . She also has adorable guinea pig cell phone covers, notecards, coffee mugs and more in her online shop!

 Guinea Pig Wheekly UK Cozy Cup

Tiny Paws Emporium: This shop has creative, handmade gifts to help you spoil your rabbits, guinea pigs or other herbivores this holiday season, including all-natural activity mats, chew toys, treats and forages. And best of all, your order helps to support Tiny Paws Small Animal Rescue. The rescue and online shop are run by Jen Hilbers. She is based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, but she ships to the U.S. and beyond. Explore her shop here:              

Tiny Paws Emporium     

Hedgehogs & Friends: This shop has a lot of unique products not just for hedgehogs, but for all small pets. You will find all-natural, moisturizing shampoos (in lavender and coconut lime scents), cage sprays and more. Not only do these products smell great, they are all safe for small pets. Hedgehog & Friends also recently released their own brand of nutritionally balanced hedgehog food. The shop is run by Katie McNeal. She is based in Florida, but ships worldwide. Hedgehog & Friends also has many super-cute gifts for hedgehog-lovers, including t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, etc. Check them out here:

 Hedgehogs and Friends

Gifts for Small Pet Lovers …

The Pipsqueakery: Fun stocking stuffers for all the small animal lovers on your list. All proceeds go to support The Pipsqueakery Small Animal Rescue, which is run by Alex and Jason Minstersinly and based in Bloomington, Indiana. They have adorable, unique pins, stickers, t-shirts, leggings, coffee mugs, and more. Check them out on Etsy:

 Mortimer guinea pig leggings

Wheeky® Pets Laundry Helper: This bag will save the guinea pig/small pet lover on your list a lot of heartache, and they will be thanking you for it for years to come. As anyone with fleece cage liners quickly learns, washing the soiled pet laundry every week is an onerous task. These durable laundry bags keep hay and debris from yucking up the washing machine, and also prevent clogs. There is also one for dog- and cat-lovers. This is the holiday gift that will keep on giving the whole year long! Available from Wheeky® Pets here:


What the Fuzz?! : The Adventures of Fuzzberta and Friends, the World's Cutest Guinea Pigs book:  Any guinea pig lover would be thrilled to receive this little book! Fuzzberta & Friends have been taking the Internet by storm with their quirky costumes and pop culture parodies. Join this guinea pig gang on a grand adventure through time and space, as they dress up in absurdly cute outfits and attempt to do (mostly) human things. This book is stuffed with so much epic cuteness it just might explode. Find it here:


 What the Fuzz - Fuzzberta Book

Wheeky Pets® Guinea Pig/Rabbit Tote Bags: The cute guinea pig and rabbit artwork on these tote bags is custom-designed, and provides a unique gift for the guinea pig- or rabbit-lover on your gift list. These roomy, canvas totes are embroidered in USA, and are perfect for carrying shopping, books, gym equipment, etc. Shop now:


The Guinea Pig Guide: Know someone with a new guinea pig, or someone considering getting their first guinea pig? Check out this cute, informational e-book from Massachusetts artist Lesley DeSantis, the genius behind “When Guinea Pigs Fly” on Etsy: .We also love all her whimsical guinea pig art, especially the “Yoguineas.” Lesley is offering a free discount to Wheeky Pets blog readers. Use coupon code WHEEKYPETS for 15% off on all orders through her Etsy shop!! :-)

 Guinea Pig Guide


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