How to Teach Your Guinea Pig or Small Pet How to Play Ball ... It's Really Easy!

We have gotten a really positive response so far from customers on our new Wheeky® Treat Ball! We just started selling this new toy in our online shop ( It is a bright yellow ball with an adjustable opening that drops treats out when pets roll it around. It is a great boredom buster for guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs and all small pets. Some customers even use them for their cats and dogs!

Some guinea pigs figure out how to play with the Wheeky® Treat Ball immediately, but others have no idea what to do with this colorful toy. If your pet falls into the later category, don't worry. It is really quite easy to teach them how to play ball. Click on this link for a brief training guide:

Wheeky® Treat Ball Training Guide

The main thing is for you and your pet to have fun learning something new together! Please let us know if you have any questions. We would love to see photos or videos of your pets playing with The Wheeky® Treat Ball. Feel free to e-mail us at, or post to our STAYbowl Facebook page.


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