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Green Pea Flakes – Small Pet “Super Food”

Wheeky Pea Flakes

Dried, green pea flakes have been a popular treat for guinea pigs, rabbits and other small pets in Europe for many years. But in the U.S., pea flakes are just beginning to catch on. We recently launched our new Wheeky® Pea Flakes packaged product, and they have been a huge hit with our customers!

“My kids’ guinea pigs gobbled up these pea flakes! The mere sight of the bag alone came to elicit squeals of delight!” – Cheryl W., guinea pig owner

Here are our top four reasons why Wheeky® Pea Flakes are the perfect “super food” treat for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and other small pets:

  1. Packed with nutrition: Green peas are high in plant protein, and they provide your small pets with a boost of antioxidants, which can help to reduce inflammation. Just be sure to limit pea flakes to 1-2 tsp. per day, depending on the size of your pets, as they can lead to weight gain if given in large quantities. Pea flakes are a treat only, not a food replacement.
  2. All-natural snack: Wheeky® Pea Flakes are literally one ingredient – dried, green field peas and nothing more. No sugar, no salt, no sketchy ingredients to worry about. And, the best part is that most guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and other small pets love the taste! Our pea flakes are also made in USA.
  3. Health and wellness: When used with foraging and enrichment toys, such as the Wheeky® Treat Ball, pea flakes will help keep your pets active and moving. Pets quickly learn to push the treat ball to make more pea flakes appear. This encourages greater physical activity and mental stimulation, which leads to happier pets. You can also sprinkle Wheeky® Pea Flakes around the cage for your pets to discover, or use them as a hay topper to encourage foraging.
  4. Food supplement for sick or elderly small pets: Since pea flakes are so high in protein, they can also help sick or elderly guinea pigs and small pets maintain their weight, or gain weight, if needed.           

wheeky pea flakes and wheeky treat ball 

How our pea flakes are different … 

If you are used to imported pea flakes, you will find that our Made-in-USA Wheeky® Pea Flakes are a little different. First, ours are smaller, thinner and crispier than imported pea flakes. This makes them perfect for use in enrichment toys, such as our Wheeky® Treat Ball. The small, lightweight flakes fall easily out of the treat ball, and pets quickly learn that pushing the treat ball makes more treats appear, encouraging more play. If your pets are used to imported pea flakes, please give them a week or two to get used to the new style. Because they are less dense, you can actually give them a greater number of Wheeky® Pea Flakes than the thick, imported flakes.

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