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Larger STAYbowl™ has just arrived! Perfect for veggies, or for 3-6 guinea pigs!


**Breaking News** … The brand new ¾-cup STAYbowl™ Tip-Proof Bowl has just arrived in our online shop! This larger bowl has all the same great features of the original STAYbowl™, including a non-tip base and an ergonomic design that prevents spills and wasted kibble, but now in a larger size that can accommodate three to six guinea pigs.

Only available online! Order now at:

Since we launched STAYbowl™ last year, we have heard many requests from guinea pig owners for a larger STAYbowl™ that could accommodate small herds. We also had many requests for a non-tip bowl that would work for other pets, such as dogs and cats. We listened and have just received the first shipment of this larger STAYbowl™ model in our online shop. It is perfect for kibble for three to six guinea pigs, or for veggies. It also works great for rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, rats and other small pets. The larger STAYbowl™ comes in the same four colors as the original STAYbowl™.

We have also just received a No-Slip, No-Tip STAYbowl™ for cats and dogs, which includes a slip-proof, silicone ring that prevents spills and slipping on hardwood and tile floors.

Wondering which size to buy? If you only have one or two guinea pigs, we recommend the original ¼-cup STAYbowl™ for kibble. The larger size works great for veggies, though. If you have three to six guinea pigs, the larger ¾-cup STAYbowl™ is the best choice for kibble.


Original ¼-cup STAYbowl™

New ¾-cup STAYbowl™

Number of Guinea Pigs

1-2 adults

3-6 adults

Volume of Kibble

¼ cup (42 g.)

¾ cup (126 g.)


6.8” x 1.5” height

8.9” x 1.5” height





We strongly encourage you to measure your pets’ kibble to make sure you are not overfeeding. While most veterinarians recommend that guinea pigs under six months old have unlimited pellets, they also say adult guinea pigs should be limited to 1/8 cup of high-quality pellets per day. While pellets do have critical vitamin C and other nutrients important to guinea pig health, too many pellets can lead to painful bladder stones and other health problems. Vets recommend feeding unlimited hay and water, plus a variety of fresh vegetables daily.

STAYbowl™ Tip-Proof Bowl not only eliminates spills and waste, it also helps with portion control. Order your STAYbowl™ today at

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