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STAYbowl® saves time and money, but also promotes small pet health and wellness

Guinea pigs with STAYbowl

By now, many guinea pig and small pet owners are familiar with our STAYbowl® Tip-Proof Bowls, and know that they prevent pets from dumping their food. This can save a lot of time and money! In fact, the bowls very quickly pay for themselves.

But you may not realize that the STAYbowl® also promotes health and wellness for guinea pigs and small pets. Here’s how:

1) Portion control – Our small STAYbowl® holds ¼ cup of kibble, which is just the right size for 1-2 guinea pigs. Kibble is more of a nutritional supplement and should be limited to 1/8 cup (2 Tbl.) per day per adult guinea pig, most vets say. More than that can lead to painful bladder stones and other health problems. Our large STAYbowl® holds ¾ cup, and works great for 3-6 guinea pigs, or for veggies or water.

Large, heavy crocks filled with kibble may seem like a good solution to bowl-tipping, but they encourage overfeeding, which can lead to health issues. Some piggies will fill up on kibble, and not eat enough hay, which they need in unlimited supply to keep their digestive systems running smoothly. It’s so much better to fill a STAYbowl® once a day, then you know exactly how much food your guinea pigs are eating.

Overfed guinea pig

2) Ergonomic design – The STAYbowl® has a low-profile design that makes it easier for guinea pigs and small pets to access their food. If you look at the height of the typical bowls sold online and in pet stores for small pets, you will quickly realize that they are too deep, and the only way small pets can get to the food is by tipping the bowl over. Or, for so-called “ergonomic” bowls with one lowered side, they do not work at all when two guinea pigs are trying to access the same food bowl at the same time! There is bound to be a scuffle!

After careful observation of our own two piggies, Ginger and Cocoa, we noticed that they often squabbled at mealtime because they couldn’t access the food at the same time. We realized that a lower profile bowl could prevent a lot of food fights. Turns out, we were right! Once we introduced the STAYbowl® to Ginger and Cocoa, mealtime suddenly became a lot more peaceful. The ergonomic design made it easy for both piggies to access the food at the same time, which greatly reduced everyone’s stress level.

STAYbowl and guinea pigs

Now that Ginger and Cocoa are both seven years old and well into their senior years, the STAYbowl® also makes any potential mobility issues easier to manage. They still have the same easy access to their pellets that they always have, and don’t have to reach into deep-sided bowls to get the nutrients they need. We have heard from many people with disabled and elderly guinea pigs that the STAYbowl® has also helped to greatly improve their pets’ quality of life,too, and that’s always great to hear!  

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