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New Piggy Palace: Taking It to the Next Level

New Piggy Palace: Taking It to the Next Level

Just this week, we upgraded our two guinea pigs, Ginger and Cocoa, to a deluxe C&C cage with a loft. While the old Marchioro cage was pretty big, the new cage gives them a lot more room to run around and explore.  

We typically like to do these kinds of projects ourselves. But with our daughter’s 13th birthday looming, time running out, and a new piggy cage at the top of her wishlist, we decided to take the easy route. We ordered a pre-cut 4x2 C&C grid cage kit with a 1x2 grid loft from Piggy BedSpreads (www.piggybedspreads.com). They are one of our retailers for STAYbowl™ tip-proof  bowls.

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