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2017 Guinea Pig Christmas Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Guinea Pig Christmas Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a great time to spoil your guinea pigs, rabbits and other small pets! This year, it is easier than ever to find unique gifts online for the special piggies on your list. Here are a few gift selection favorites from our two guinea pigs, Ginger and Cocoa: 

Piggy Bedspreads Snuggle Cup

On cold winter mornings, Ginger and Cocoa truly do love their cozy, fleece Snuggle Cup from online retailer Piggybedspreads. This company is based in New York, USA, and they put quality and care into everything they do. We love their C&C cage kits and fleece Piggybedspreads, too! Unlike regular fleece liners, the Piggybedspread is a one-piece absorbent liner system that fits up and over your cage bottom like a mattress pad. This makes cleanup so much easier. They offer sizes to fit all C&C and Midwest cages, and will even make a custom size for you. They also have adorable fleece fabric, including two with a guinea pig theme. 


Wheeky® Treat Ball for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Small Pets

The adjustable-opening Wheeky® Treat Ball is always a hit with guinea pigs, rabbits and small pets. Our Ginger and Cocoa especially enjoy rolling this ball around when we fill it with finely diced carrots. But you can also put kibble, dried herbs, or our Organic Meadow Blend dried flowers inside. Add this one to your guinea pig or rabbit gift list! 


Wheeky® Pets Organic Meadow Blend Kibble Topper for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Other Small Pets 

Organic Meadow Blend is a brand new product that just came out. It is 100 percent organic GMO-free, making it a safe choice for your pet this holiday season. It has only four ingredients: organic chamomile, hibiscus, calendula flowers and corn flowers. Sprinkle some of these dried flowers on hay to encourage natural foraging instincts, or use as a kibble topper, or treat. 

Organic Meadow Blend

STAYbowl™ Tip-Proof Bowls for Guinea Pigs and Other Small Pets

We launched our STAYbowl™ Tip-Proof Bowls for guinea pigs and other small pets two years ago, and we have been overwhelmed with the positive response we’ve received from our customers ever since! We now offer two sizes and four colors of STAYbowls™. The bowls not only save you time and money from no more wasted kibble, they also help with portion control. The small STAYbowl™ holds ¼ cup and is just right for one or two guinea pigs. The large STAYbowl™ holds ¾ cup and is perfect for three to six guinea pigs, or for veggies. Many guinea pig owners don’t realize that most vets recommend only 1/8 cup (2 TBL) of kibble per day. More than that can lead to painful bladder stones and other health problems. Another plus to the STAYbowl™ is that the bright colors look great in the cage and can be used on fleece, wood shavings or paper bedding.

Snoozie’s Cozies New Snoozie's Basket 

Nikki at Snoozie’s Cozies is a very creative person who is always coming up with fabulous new fleece products for guinea pigs and small pets! She offers a wide range of handmade fleece liners, tunnels and other handmade items that your piggies will love. She has some pre-made items, but also does custom orders to meet your design requirements. Her latest cavy creation is Snoozie’s Basket – a sturdy wicker basket with custom, reversible handmade fleece cushions. This is the plush throne your guinea pig deserves! Snoozie’s Cozies is based in the UK, but she ships worldwide. 

 Snoozie's Basket

Handmade Cavy Creations

Handmade Cavy Creations is a new UK online shop offering adorable handmade stockings, elves, stars, pillows and more -- all with a guinea pig theme. The owner, Claire, specializes in guinea pig ornaments and decorations, rather than fleece cuddle cups and cozies. Claire runs her shop off of her Facebook page and is 100 percent open to customizing your order. She is based in the UK, but ships worldwide. We recently ordered some of her holiday stockings, elves and stars to sell in our online shop in the U.S. We have them in stock and will be adding them to our website very soon. To contact Handmade Cavy Creations, message Claire directly through her Facebook page.


 Handmade Cavy CreationsHandmade Cavy Creations2


For the Guinea Pig Lover or Rabbit Lover on Your List 

Wheeky® Pets Embroidered Guinea Pig Tote Bag – These embroidered eco-tote bags are a brand-new product that just came out this fall. We worked with an artist who does guinea pig rescue in Japan on the custom, copyrighted design. We started selling them on our STAYbowl™/Wheeky® Pets website and on Amazon, and they have literally flown off the shelves! 

In addition, we offer a Wheeky® Pets Embroidered Rabbit (Bunny Love)Tote Bag for rabbit lovers. In addition to our website, you can also find both of these bags on and on (Canada) under Prime.


If you know of any other unique gift ideas for guinea pigs or small pets, please share them with us at, or on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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